Are you ready to make a big impact on teenagers?

By becoming a Teen Life Supporter, you will join a group of supporters who are dedicated to changing the lives of students. Students experience stress, anxiety, loneliness, insecurity, and hopelessness. Teen Life Support Groups make a difference by providing a safe place for students to gather with a trusted adult on school campuses. With 100% of your donation going toward helping students receive the support they need through Support Groups in schools, your gift will make a difference whether you give one time or every month!

The Impact of Your Dollars

How far does your gift go?

Monthly Gifts:

$10 – sponsors supplies for 3 Support Groups
$25 – sponsors five students in a Support Group
$50 – sponsors an entire Support Group on a school campus
$100 – sponsors a school campus
$250 – sponsors 5 Support Groups
$500 – sponsors a School District

One-Time Gifts:

$50 – sponsors 1 student in a Support Group
$100 – sponsors 2 students in a Support Group
$250 – sponsors 5 students or half of a Support Group
$500 – sponsors 1 Support Group on a school campus for 8 weeks
$1,000 – sponsors a school campus for an entire year

Why Give Monthly?

While special, one-time gifts are incredibly helpful, monthly giving is an affordable, sustainable way to make an impact on teenagers! By spreading your donation out over the year, it will be more friendly for your budget and more predictable support for Teen Life’s program. 

Become an IMPACT Member.

Any donation amount can empower teenagers, but you can also become a Teen Life IMPACT member by giving at one of the levels below.

As an IMPACT Member, You’ll Receive…

Quarterly updates containing stories from Support Groups and our latest impact numbers.

Exclusive Teen Life t-shirt as a welcome gift to show your support.

First access to event announcements, Annual Reports, and Teen Life updates.

Not ready to become a monthly donor? You can make a special gift by clicking the button below and choosing “one-time”.

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