In addition to Support Groups and our Teen Parent Program, Teen Lifeline also offers presentations for teenagers or parents.


Who are the presentations for?

Teen issues need to be addressed in a professional but engaging format. Teen Lifeline provides this with speakers ready to address many of the issues students face today. Teen Lifeline seeks to help teenagers by providing them with skills and resources they need to be successful. Parents also need to be aware of what their teenagers are going through and know how to respond. Teen Lifeline wants to equip parents of teenagers to better know what to expect, how to respond and when to get help. Parent groups that we have presented to include: PTAs, church groups, staff equipping, etc.

What does Teen Lifeline speak on?

Teen Lifeline has several topics related to teenagers that we are ready to speak on:

  • Technology and Social Media
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Stress Management
  • Active Listening
  • Parent Resources

How much do these presentations cost?

Contact us to find out the cost of each of these presentations.

How do I get Teen Lifeline scheduled to speak?

If you would like Teen Lifeline to come out and speak to your school, youth group, organization, or parent’s group, you can contact us here.

Resources from our Social Media talks:

Here are some blogs that we regularly read for content on teen and social media issues:

You can also check out our recommended book list for internet and social media here.

For a list of resources for Teen Services, visit our resource page.