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The Unexpected Impact of Drug Use with Amy Deprang & Ross Van Gorder

Drug use does not just stay with an individual – it can impact an entire family. In this episode of our “Unexpected” series, we are talking to Amy Deprang and Ross Van Gorder, a mom and son, about teen drug use, it’s effects, and how it impacted their family. As a teenager, Ross started using drugs, sending him into a phase of life where he disconnected from his mom and other support systems. Now Ross and Amy are sharing their experiences and even discovering different pieces of the story in the process. Ross and Amy give unique perspectives to a difficult situation.

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The Unexpected Loss of a Parent with Malaya Bizaillion

We all dread the unexpected – we worry, plan, and avoid it at all costs. In the first episode of this series, we are talking to Malaya Bizaillion about life after the unexpected happens. At just 9 years old, Malaya lost her mom, Jenny Ross Bizaillion, following an unexpected illness that took her life only 19 days after going to the hospital. Now as a graduating senior in high school, Malaya shares her story with grace and wisdom. Malaya gives hope in the midst of loss and is an incredible voice for teenagers who are living life in the midst of the expected burden of loss.

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What Homeless Teens Can Teach Us About Belonging

In this final episode of Season 3 of the Stay Calm, Don’t Panic! Podcast, Chris Robey talks to Benny Nowell of Sevens in Boulder, Colorado about the power of belonging. Through his work with homeless teenagers, Benny has seen the extremes teens will go to find acceptance and belonging and speaks to our role as adults to help teenagers find positive places to belong. Join the conversation and find out how simple words can make a big impact!

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Strengths Are Better Than Weaknesses

In this episode of Season 3 of the Stay Calm, Don’t Panic! Podcast, Chris Robey talks with Dr. Becky Taylor about the importance of helping adolescents focus on their strengths rather than their weaknesses. While it is easy for us to point out our own flaws, improving strengths are a greater motivator. Join the conversation with Dr. Taylor and find out how you can encourage teenagers to use their strengths to become more successful!

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Disappointment Isn’t a Bad Thing

In this episode of the Stay Calm, Don’t Panic! Podcast, Chris Robey is joined by Dr. David Fraze to discuss the affect of disappointment on teenagers. Is disappointment all bad? Is rescuing our children the best answer? Jump into this great conversation and hear ways to help push and equip students to face challenges and disappointments.

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The Truth on School Life & Successful Students

In this episode of Season 3 of the Stay Calm, Don’t Panic! Podcast, Chris Robey talks to two school counselors about what they are currently seeing in our public schools. While Lindsey and Tammy both work at two very different schools, they give great insight into what students are facing and offer valuable advice on how we can support teenagers in order to make their school experiences more positive. School is a vital part of the teenage years, let’s discuss how we can help students be more successful!

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