The Teen Life Podcast

Ep. 100: Top Teen Things

Sarah Brooks and Tobin Hodges join Chris and Karlie for a celebratory 100th episode! Listen for fun flashbacks and insightful tips on modern teens.

Ep. 99: Distancing & Sneakerheads

Why being a “sneakerheads” might be more than a hobby. Plus, practical advice about how to handle problems when you’re too close to the issue.

Ep. 98: Teen Mental Health Update

Teen mental health is collectively suffering, but there is hope. Feeling connected to the adults in their lives can be a lifeline. Listen for tips on how you can help.

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Ep. 94: Teen Love & Snapchat

Ep. 94: Teen Love & Snapchat

Chris and Karlie pull back the curtain on teen love. Then they’ll give you a rundown of the key features of Snapchat and potential risks and benefits.

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Ep.  90: Curiosity & the Gas App

Ep. 90: Curiosity & the Gas App

Get tips on how to truly connect with your teen through curiosity. We’ll take a look at when to ask the right questions and what you might want to ask.

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