Will you help us celebrate Teen Life's 10th birthday? Watch the video below to find out how!

This year, Teen Life is turning 10 years old – this is a big deal! But we also know that the reason Teen Life is so successful is because of our awesome volunteers.

Even if you haven’t facilitated a Teen Life Support Group yet, we know that you are making an impact and investing in the lives of teenagers!

We value the time and emotional commitment you put into teenagers. Our mission is to continue to empower students by equipping community volunteers and encouraging school staff. We want to continue to provide this at no cost to our schools and students – which is why we are asking you to celebrate Teen Life’s 10th birthday by partnering with us.

We have a goal of 100 of our volunteer facilitators committing to give at least $10 a month for the next year.

With $10 a month, you could sponsor 2 students to be part of a Teen Life Group! That is a GREAT way to celebrate 10 years. Or $25 a month would sponsor 5 students. Or if you wanted to sponsor an entire group, that would only take $50 a month!

We could not equip, encourage, and empower students without you. We want more school districts to have stories like the ones we already work with. Please watch this short video and click the “Give Now!” button to partner with us today!

Together we can empower teenagers!

Chris Robey
Teen Life CEO