Since 2009, Teen Life has provided Support Groups for over 5,000 teenagers! This would not have been possible without the help of our volunteers. By volunteering with Teen Life, you have the opportunity to make a difference in a student’s life.

We are in need of volunteers with various skills and time availabilities. All volunteers are utilized and get to use their skills and passions to help teenagers. You can find out more information about available volunteer positions below. Join us today as we continue to reach more teenagers every year!

3 steps to become a volunteer

1. Fill out the volunteer form on this page. The first step is to simply let Teen Life know that you are interested in volunteering. Fill out this brief form, and we will be in contact with you within a few days!

2. Identify how you would like to volunteer. Once you have filled out the volunteer form, Teen Life will work with you to figure out which volunteer area would best suit your interests and skills.

3. Submit volunteer application & attend any required trainings. Due to the population Teen Life works with, all volunteers are required to fill out a short volunteer application. Certain volunteer positions also require additional training (i.e. Support Group Facilitator), but Teen Life will inform you of any and all trainings.

Once you have completed all of these steps, you can start volunteering with Teen Life – it’s as easy as that!


Keep scrolling to find specific volunteer areas and FAQs!

Volunteer for Teen Lifeline!

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Volunteer & Service Areas



  • We have currently trained 100 volunteers to facilitate Support Groups on school campuses with our Life Lived Better Curriculum.
  • Facilitating Support Groups will allow you to offer a resource to your local school district in order to serve teenagers near you.
  • Each facilitator must complete a 1-day training with Teen Lifeline.
  • After being trained, we will help place you on a school campus to lead an 8-week Support Group with Middle School or High School students, or teen-aged parents.
  • Facilitators need to enjoy being around teenagers and be flexible enough to deal with teens’ quirks.



  • If you have a truck or vehicle that can pull a large trailer, we need you!
  • For our Teen-aged Parent Support Groups, we need volunteers to transport our Supply Trailer. This would include picking up the trailer from our holding location in North Richland Hills and dropping it off at the Teen Parent Support Group location. Typically, this would be around a 2-hour time commitment.
  • This is a great volunteer position who does not want to lead a Support Group, but would still like to serve and interact with teen parents.



  • These events can vary greatly and will have many different jobs. We only do a few events a year, but we need volunteers at each of those that are excited about that specific event and their involvement in making it happen as best it can.
  • Some events include: Teen Lifeline 5K, Renew Weekend at The Hills Church, Dinner & Auction, North Texas Giving Day, Just Between Friends Sale, Leadercast, etc.
  • Depending on the event, volunteering for events could include set up/tear down, volunteering at our booth, picking up supplies or food, planning, decorating, and more.



  • We are looking for organized volunteers to help keep our closet and trailer functioning and efficient!
  • Each month, we receive donations to help out teen parents. These occasionally require pickup and/or delivery. If you like grunt work and have a vehicle that can haul things, this job is for you.
  • For our Teen-aged Parent Support Groups, we need help organizing donations, stocking our supply trailer, and distributing supplies to teen parents. This takes time and man power, and the more people we have to sort, set out, and put away these baby items, the more efficient we are at helping those in need.

Volunteer FAQs

What are the requirements of being a volunteer?

  • Have a heart for teenagers.
  • Fill out a release for a background check.
  • Complete a Teen Lifeline approved training (if required).


How much time does it take?

Time varies depending on the job you sign up for. Just a few examples are listed here.

  • Volunteer Facilitators would spend 45 minutes to an hour each week leading group. They would also need to spend some time (no more than an hour) prepping for each group session. A facilitator commitment is an 8-week group.
  • Event volunteers could spend about 10 hours spread over a 2 month period helping plan an event. On the day of the event, the commitment would be from 2-4 hours depending on the event.
  • Supply Trailer transporters are asked to drop off and pick up our trailer once a month. The drive from the holding location to the meeting location would be no more than 45 minutes.
  • Donations related volunteering could be as little as 1 hour a month and probably never more than 5 or 6 hours in a month total.


Do you offer service hours for teenagers?

We would be happy to find an area for teenagers to volunteer and get service hours through Teen Lifeline. Let us know in the form that you would like us to sign off on service hours!


What if I want to help in an area that is not listed?

Please contact us and let us know if there is another area you would like to serve in. We are always open to suggestions and ideas on how to better engage our volunteers!